Spell Casting

A few minor changes have been made to make spell casting more accessible without making casters too powerful.

Arcane Magic Users

Wizards, bards, and sorcerers are now capable of limitless casting within a day. However, in battle no spell can be cast more than twice throughout the duration of the fight.

Sorcerers may know up to 6 spells at each spell level, while Bards, being the less apt at exploiting their raw magical abilities, may only learn up to 4 spells per spell level. Spells do not have to be learned immediately after reaching the appropriate character level. The player can choose to learn a new spell at any time (hint: it might be wise to reserve a free spell slot for situations where a specific spell or effect might come in extra handy). Note that once a spell is learned, it cannot be unlearned or exchanged for another spell until the character rests.

Wizards will be the exception, as they record all their arcane magics in a spellbook, and thus are not limited to the number of spells they may learn. When gaining access to spells of the next level, the Wizard gains 4 free spells of that level. New spells can either be passed over through an instructor, obtained through deciphering a scroll or even be self-taught.

Intelligence will directly affect the strength or duration of arcane spells for Sorcerers and Wizards. Bards will rely on Charisma to boost their spell strength.

Divine Magic Users

By paying homage each day to a deity, the divine caster may request intervention from their god in the form of small miracles and spells. Magic of this sort is usually defensive or supportive in nature, but can vary based on which deity is being worshiped.

Clerics may learn as many spells at each spell level as they please and may cast up to 4 + Wis Mod. spells each day.

Paladins may learn as many spells at each spell level as they please and may cast up to 2 + Wis Mod. spells each day.

The strength of Divine spell effects are based on Charisma.

Primal Magic Users

Primal magic users channel their abilities from essence of nature itself, and often harness the powers of life and the elements. The benefits of primal magics is that it can be as protective as divine magics, but can also be as radical and destructive as arcane spells as well. Thus, the power of primal magic can be very versatile if so desired.

Druids may know up to 6 spells at each spell level and may cast up to 4 + Intelligence Mod. spells each day.

Rangers can learn up to 3 spells at each spell level and may cast up to 2 + Intelligence Mod. spells each day.

Primal spells rely on a player’s Wisdom to become more powerful.

Long-term Spells

Any arcane spells that last longer than the course of the battle fall into this category of spells. Each caster is limited to the number of these spells she may have active at one point.

Active = Intelligence Mod. OR Wisdom Mod. OR Charsima Mod.

Healing Spells

Lastly, any heal spells used outside of combat automatically heal for the full amount possible. This helps save the use of spells for more dire situations.

Class Spells Known/Level Spells / Day Spell Strength Max Spell Level
Cleric 4 + Wisdom Mod. Charisma 9
Paladin 2 + Wisdom Mod. Charisma 4
Druid 6 4 + Intelligence Mod. Wisdom 9
Ranger 3 2 + Intelligence Mod. Wisdom 4
Bard 3 Charisma 7
Sorcerer 6 Intelligence 9
Wizard 4 (∞) Intelligence 9

Spell Casting

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