All classes (with the exception of wizards) have a new attribute called Endurance. Endurance, which is reflected by how many Endurance Points (EP) a character has, enables one to use special (non-magical) types of attacks or movements known as Combat Abilities throughout the course of battle. These attacks, depending on the effect it produces, will cost a certain number of EP. Once a character uses up all endurance points, abilities can no longer be used. EP can be restored however, as is explained below.

Restoring EP

EP can be restored when:

  1. the person chooses to momentarily leave the stress of battle and refuses taking action (movement is still allowed), restoring a small number of EP (see formula below)
  2. a spell or item causes EP to return
  3. the battle ends

A character will recuperate all EP at the end of a battle, assuming the character is not forced into further stress immediately afterward.

Endurance Formulas

Endurance Points = Constitution Score + Level

EP Restoration per turn =


1-10    1d10 + Constitution Mod.
11-20   1d20 + Constituition Mod.


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