Combat Abilities

Combat Abilities are special (non-magical) attacks or moves that characters may use throughout a battle. Combat Abilities can enhance a normal attack in someway, or be a completely different attack altogether. Combat Abilities differ than normal attacks in that they consume Endurance Points. The amount of Endurance Points consumed is relative to the effective power of that specific combat ability. Only one combat ability can be used in both the offensive and defensive round.

Designing Combat Abilities

Combat Abilities can and should be designed by the players themselves. As they progress in levels, every person has the freedom to design different abilities according to the needs or desires of their characters. However, a basic list will be provided here. It should also be said that abilities should function in a style that relates to one’s class.

Number of Combat Abilities Known

The number of Combat Abilities Known depends on the number of skill points invested into Combat Skills.

Combat Abilities

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