Summary of Everything


Grimey world, with the current civilizations known to be only a few millenia old or so. It’s savage, merciless and fairly hostile to all of its inhabitants. Until recently, magic had been mysterious and something only handed out by the gods, or a select few lucky individuals.


Humans live to the northwest mostly. The majority of the cities are ruled by tyrannical merchant lords as only a few have an actual government system to keep the peace. Most people are commoners are forced into hard labour that pays little.

Dwarves live to the south in the wastelands, and in the centre of Tarok where the desert and mountains meet. The wasteland dwarves are considered prosperous and peaceful, at least compared to their brothers, the desert dwarves, who are very much the complete opposite. Dwarves of the desert are even more barbaric than the greedy humans of the northwest. They keep gnomes and halflings as slaves.

Further west on an island not too far away the elves live in solitude. Two kingdoms reside there, one for monks, and the other for druids and rangers. They rarely leave their sanctuary and keep very thin ties to the other humanoid places.

The east side of Tarok is newly developing. The environment may be harsh but the towns are surprisingly developed although not very welcoming. A mishmash of individuals from all over reside here.

Past Events

An evil cult had rose in the east part of Tarok. They had been performing strange rituals, and sacrificing children. It turns out it was being led by the Prince of Artha (of the Arthan kingdom to the west). It was his goal to gain supernatural powers by performing these sacrifices. He eventually succeeded in his task, releasing arcane magic into Tarok, and becoming its first Wizard. But he did not receive the powers he expected, and was quickly dispatched by a small band of adventurers thereafter.

Current Events

Magic is now on the uprise. Although the sight of someone using magic is still somewhat rare, there have been enough incidents to evoke concern from the public and draw attention from those curious in the matter. Even elves, who never left their island, are flooding to mainland Tarok to investigate.

Summary of Everything

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