This young, street-dwelling thief was born and raised in the heart of the Ramble slums. He’s rather tall and lanky for a 15 year old, which makes him easy to mistake a man when he dons his drooping grey cowl over his face. Removing his cowl reveals long, greased dirt-brown hair tied back in a pony tail and a long face tipped with a hawk-beak nose. Given to him by his older sister, Kyara, he wears a rusting copper chain bracelet with a small copper flower attached. He is a little slow to think and understand, but he performs his robbery with confidence and efficiency. Living so long in Ramble and getting around rather frequently has garnished him with knowledge of the city’s little nooks and crannies as well as with the people who live in them.

As a small boy, he and his family lived in a crumbling two-room shack in the poor part of the city. He was accustomed to begging and scavenging for days on end to get by, but he was happy doing it alongside his father, mother and older sister.

One day, when Plink was still at the innocent age of 9, his parents left their tiny shack to purchase what little bread and meat they could afford from the market. For reasons that he still doesn’t understand to this day, they never returned.

Being orphaned at a young age dramatically changed his outlook on living. He was never too quick of wit, but whereas he used to laugh off mistakes and criticisms made of him, he became much more sensitive to his flaw and lashed back at anyone that teased him. He rarely gave out his trust and became cautious, perhaps even paranoid of any new and unfamiliar faces that came into his part of town.

As he grew older, he realized that to survive in the unforgiving hell-hole that is Ramble, he would have to play it’s game. While slow in the head, he was terrifyingly quick with scrawny, nimble fingers, which made his transition from beggar to thief an easy one. His sister even nicknamed him “Plink” from the way the way his ears perk up at the sound of coin clinking together. Even though he steals his fair share of silver, he always ends up losing it being swindled playing dice with other brigands or betting on unfair battles in the arena.

After a trip outside the city a few months ago, Kyara mysteriously fell ill. Plink has since been desperately trying to find a cure, and has been stealing his way to a solution, though yet to no avail. He has been spending all his “earnings” on remedies provided by a wandering apothecary that occasionally peruses the slums.


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