List of Combat Abilities

Level 1-5 Offensive Melee Abilities

EP = 2
Effect = You may move twice your normal movement speed in a straight line and attack a single target. Add +2 to hit and -2 to your AC until your next turn.

Bull Rush
EP = 3
Roll = Str. VS Str.
Success = For each 2 points you beat your opponent in the roll, you may move him 1 space back. You can’t move further than you would normally.
Failure = No consequences.

EP = 2
Roll = Str. VS Dex
Success = Target falls prone
Failure = You fall prone

EP = 1
Roll = Str. VS Str.
Success = Enter Grapple Mode
Failure = Attack of Oppurtunity made on you

Grapple Mode
EP = 2/round
Roll = Str. VS Str. every turn
Effect = In Grapple Mode, you are unable to move, but you can attack with small weapons (daggers, short sword etc.) and perform Grappling Techniques

EP = 2
Roll = Dex. VS. Dex.
Effect = +5 If you Parried that enemy’s attack last turn.
Success = The enemy drops his weapon.
Failure = You lose your weapon.

Disarming Blow
EP = 1
Effect = If your attack lands, add +5 to any Disarm rolls made on the target next turn.

Bare-Handed Disarm
EP = 3
Roll = Dex. VS Dex.
Effect = +5 if you are in Grapple Mode
Success = You steal his weapon
Failure = Attack of Oppurtunity is made on you

EP = 3
Effect = If you kill a target with an attack, you may make an additional attack on an adjascent target. Using Cleave doesn’t count as using your one Combat Ability for the turn.

Big Hit
EP = 1
Effect = Add +1 damage to your next melee attack

Focused Attack
EP = 1
Effect = +2 to next melee attack

Heavy Blow
EP = 3
Effect: +1 damage on your next melee attack
Success: If your attack hits, you may move the target 1 space to any unoccupied space

Sneak Attack
EP = 1
Effect = Add +1d6 damage to your next attack if the enemy is flat-footed or you flank the enemy. Sneak Attack doesn’t count towards your one Combat Ability for that turn.

EP = 3
Effect = If an opponent takes a critical hit you may make an extra attack against him/her this turn. Opportune Strike doesn’t count towards your one Combat Ability for that turn.

Feint Away
EP = 3
Effect = You may move this turn and automatically dodge the 1st Attack of Opportunity made against you

Penetrating Thrust
EP = 4
Requirements = Piercing Melee Weapon
Effect = You may make an extra attack against an enemy directly behind the enemy you attacked this turn.

EP = 5
Requirements = Slashing or Blunt Weapon
Effect = You may attack up to 5 targets directly adjascent to you doing 1/2 damage to each (round down).

Internal Bleeding
EP = 3
Success = If your attack hits the victim suffers 2 damage at the beginning of each of your turns until healed or killed.

EP = 6
Effect = Increase your critical threat chance by 2 points
Success = If you hit and take off more than 1/2 of the creature’s remaining HP it automatically dies. This effect doesn’t work on creatures that don’t suffer from critical strikes.

Leaping Strike
EP = 5
Roll = Acrobatics Roll VS. DC 15
Sucess = Leap in the air over any obstacle less that 2 meters high and to a distance of up to 10 feet to make an attack on a target. Add your Acrobatics Skill level to your attack roll. You draw no Attack of Opportunity.
Failure = Fall prone

Relentless Strikes
EP = 9
Effect = You may make multiple strikes on the same foe.
Success = Make another attack at a -3 penalty from the last attack
Failure = Your turn ends

EP = 2
Effect = +1 to hit
Success = Target gets -2 to hit for the remainder of battle

Weak Spot
EP = 1
Effect = If hit lands, enemy has -2 AC until next turn

Battle Cry
EP = 2
Effect = All nearby allies receive +2 to hit on their next attack

Black Jack
EP = 3
Effect = If hit lands, target must make Fort. Save VS. DC 10 + damage or be knocked unconscious for 1d2 turns

EP = 3
Effect = +3 damage on your attack if target attacked you last turn

EP = 1
Targets within melee attack range of you gain -2 to attacks made on allies other than you. This doesn’t count towards your one combat ability for the turn.

Requires = Dagger
EP = 3
Effect = Increases your critical chance by 3 points. If you critically threat, deal max damage.

Taunting Strike
EP = 1
Effect = If your strike lands, the target receives -4 to hit against you next turn.

Strength of the Earth
EP = 2 Effect = +2 to Strength until next turn.

Tranquil Mind
EP = 2 Effect = +2 to Concentration checks until end of battle.

EP = 2
Effect = If attack lands, target gets -1 to hit, moves half speed, and loses 1 Attack of Oppurtunity this turn.

Ranged Offensive Abilities

Focused Shot
EP = 1
Effect = +2 to your next ranged attack

Pin Down
EP = 1
Effect = If attack hits, target moves at half its normal speed on its next turn.

Point Blank Shot
EP = 1
Effect = +2 to hit and +1 damage if attack is made within 2 spaces of target

EP = 1
Effect = You draw no Attack of Opportunity if you make a ranged attack adjacent to a target. This does not count towards your one Combat Ability per turn.

Careful Aim
EP = 3
Effect = Skip your attack this turn to aim at target. On your next turn, add +5 to hit and +3 damage to your attack. You lose this bonus if you are damaged, move, or are otherwise distracted.

Lucky Shot
EP = 3
Effect = Increase your critical threat chance by 3 points.

Rain of Arrows
EP = 7
Requires: Bow/Crossbow
Effect = Fire arrows into a square 4×4. On your next turn, make an attack on all enemies still in that square.

Dual Shot
EP = 4
Effect = -2 to your attacks this turn. You may attack 2 targets this turn as long as they are no more than 2 spots apart.

EP = 1
Effect = Choose an enemy. Receive +1 to hit on all attacks you make on that target for the rest of the battle. Lose this bonus if you use Mark on another target. This doesn’t count as your one combat ability for the turn.

True Shot
EP = 8
Effect = Your attack automatically hits. This cannot be used on 100% concealed targets or targets further than 12 spaces.

Sitting Duck
EP = 2
Effect = If the target didn’t move last turn, add +2 to hit and +2 damage.

Flurry of Arrows
EP = 5
Effect = Attack up to 4 targets with a -2 to hit. Each attack only does 2 damage.

Cover Fire
EP = 2
Effect = Choose a 3×3 square and make an attack on a target in it. All enemies in that square receive -2 to hit next turn, even if you miss.

Defensive Abilities

Shield Cover
EP = 2
Requirements = Shield
Effect = Double your shield’s AC bonus for one round against melee attacks, and triple it against ranged attacks. You receive -2 to hit on all attacks you make next round and you may only move half your normal speed.

EP = 2
Effect = All opponents that melee attacked you and miss receive a -2 AC penalty for one round

Stand Ground
EP = 3
Effect = +4 AC until next round. You may not move for one round (unless forced). You lose the bonus if you do.

Staunch Defender
EP = 2
Effect = All allies adjacent to you gain +2 AC for one round.

Shield Bash
EP = 3
When an adjacent enemy attacks, you may make an attack on it with your shield. If you hit, you deal 1d4 + Str. Mod. damage and you may move that enemy 1 space and an ally 1 space.

Deflect Projectile
EP = 2
Effect = +3 AC against projectile attacks for one round

EP = 1
Effect = +1 to your AC for one round. Can be used even when flat-footed.

EP = 3
Effect = The next time an enemy misses you, that enemy must make an attack on any other target adjacent to you (and within reach). A new attack is rolled for that target.

Absorb Blow
EP = 4
Effect = -2 damage on the next hit dealt to you.

Hawk Eye
EP = 4
Effect = If an enemy within sight does something that would normally provoke an Attack of Opportunity from you, you may make a ranged Attack of Opportunity on it. This counts as your Attack of Opportunity for the turn.

Cat’s Feet
EP = 1
Effect = +3 to reflex rolls this turn

EP = 2 Effect = You may move 2 spaces on the enemies’ turn at any time. Difficult terrain does not affect you.

EP = 3
Roll = Hunting/Survival vs. Attack Roll
Success = Dodge the next melee or ranged attack.
Failure = You are hit.

List of Combat Abilities

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