Events Following Prince Andorthals Death

Following the death of Rydran Andorthal, the prince of the kingdom of Artha and the first Wizard to be born in the history of Tarok, many strange events in the world of Tarok unfolded.

What was almost immediately discovered was that wielders of arcane magicks had found that their abilities were intensely magnified. Indeed, without any real explanation, they suddenly could cast spells almost indefinitely throughout the day without encountering the mental fatigue they would normally endure. Soon after, these few and talented individuals also came into the power of strange and wondrous new spells. Spells that would take ages to bring into fruition were being discovered, almost stumbled upon, at a notably rampant pace. Lastly, what was probably the most significant of all these strange magical observances, was the sudden explosion in the number of individuals able to wield the arcane forces. Although it is still by no means easy to the average individual, any strong-willed intellectual with the patience and determination found that they could harness the essence of the arcane; once a feat only capable by those infused with the “Spark”. Indeed, this surely would be the era of magic, the era of the wizard.

However, such a wealth of power could not be so accessible without being equally as dangerous. In the coming months, it was not at all uncommon to see magic being grossly utilized for unethical and selfish purposes. Towns, cities and kingdoms were tied up attempting to subdue or control the sudden rise in magic-related mischief. With the relatively little experience that most authorities had in dealing with the situation, it was progressively becoming more problematic with each new spell learned and each upstarting wizard.

Whereas some kingdoms were able to handle the unusual problems arising (perhaps taking rather extreme measures in some cases), many fell into anarchy as they struggled to repress the use of magic. Small gangs battled it out in the heart of towns, carelessly setting homes and buildings ablaze with the irresponsible use of their talents. Megalomaniac, power-driven leaders started aggressive movements to claim what was not theirs. Wild arcane experimenting was being performed without any caution as some attempted to tamper with arcane energy in whatever way they could.

While humans in their shambling cities continue to play with fire, the dwarven kingdom of Rhost, led by Lyron Lodebreaker, has taken to systematically studying the effects and potentials of the arcane. Taking a much more careful approach to the matter has allowed the practice of the art to prosper well. Indeed many of the best and leading wizardy schools so far are founded beneath the sand and stone of the desert. The word is quickly spreading that the Hammeraxe Dwarves are mastering magic faster than any other race, and are producing wizards of only the highest caliber. With their elitist views, and the strong belief that dwarves were the first race of Tarok and thus the leaders of all races, the three dwarven kingdoms may finally gain enough power to enforce their claims.

Far to the west, however, the elven kingdoms of old have raised the alarm, signaling the danger with the coming use of arcane magic. While the Tirunad kingdom absolutely refuses to have anything to do with the issue, the elves of Silunad have taken the initiative to try and suppress anything and anyone that is “tainted” by arcane magics. In choosing to do so, many elves have emerged from isolation on their island and have joined in assisting other kingdoms with the subduing of the threat. They now occupy some villages, towns and cities across the continent in hopes of quelling any and all dangerous wizards. Some have even taken to smaller roaming parties that wander the land, searching vigilantly for those they would label as “tainted”.

Events Following Prince Andorthals Death

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