Dead Soil

The Manticore

  • Finally, the party discovered the hiding place of the Bearhare
  • The manticore that was loose crept out of the darkness to attack our the adventurers
  • Kutnhr took a harsh beating, and has several bite marks to prove it
  • Eventually, Eog, Kutnhr, and Decameran (Lucious was distracted away from the adventure by pie) along with the wolf, Silver and a tiny snake managed to bring down the young manticore and end it’s short life
  • After taking several of the beast’s teeth, the party gathered the Bearhare, the mysterious elf and dragged the unconscious Garren Smith out of the animal keep
  • Returning to Smith’s home, they waited until Smith was revived before they questioned him
  • Although saved by the party, Smith was not thankful in the slightest
  • Smith initially refused to part with the Bearhare, but eventually gave in given he was in no condition to fight
  • He still holds the elf captive, which he sees as just another creature to sell and profit from
  • The deal was made to trade the Barehear for the elf
  • Nevertheless, the party decided to complete the quest for Mrs. Maddie and return her precious pet and claim the reward (gold and pies)
  • At the moment the party is still determining a way to acquire the Bearhare once again to trade for the elf


As always THANKS A LOT, Dan! It really helps me to keep up with the story flow.


The Manticore

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