Dead Soil

The Fellowship of Garbage

Summary of Events

  • Lucious tried to reverse pick-pocket Demarmaca, but was caught immediately after by Kutnhr
  • While Kutnhr talked with Demarmaca about the crime, Lucious tried to escape by leaping over Demarmaca and running the other way
  • A well thrown grimey boot lobbed by Demarmaca sent Lucious tumbling into a mound of garbage
  • Lucious’ failed attempts to camouflage into the garbage was noticed by a hungry silver wolf
  • The wolf belonged to Eog, a druid from the surround Forest of the Black Heart
  • Eog was curious as to why Lucious was trying to hide in garbage
  • Eventually, the 3 cornered Lucious and asked him to confess his wrongdoing
  • Lucious then confessed that he had in fact given Demarmaca 3 gold, and not taken anything; this was in fact entirely true
  • At this point a stout dwarf and 2 tall brutes walked into the alley and threatened the noisy intruders with an ass-whopping
  • Lucious then attempted to reverse pickpocket the dwarf right in front of him; the dwarf and his brutes were not happy
  • Thanks to Kutnhr’s loud, booming presence, the brutes reconsidered advancing
  • Thanks to Kutnhr’s relentless loud, booming presence, the stout dwarf was ready to chop off their heads
  • Finally after leaving the cramped alley, the group decided to civilly talk things over a decadant pie baked fresh at the local pie shop


“The Fellowship of Garbage” Grin

The Fellowship of Garbage

P.S. Just many thanx for this campaign log. It’s really a big help to keep up with the situation, as I’m weak at listening. 0) ありがとー (thiha aka masaki)

The Fellowship of Garbage

No problem man. I actually enjoy writing up the story of your wild and wacky adventures :)

The Fellowship of Garbage

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