Dead Soil

My Wittle Bearhare

  • The party arrived at Ms. Maddie’s Gourmet Pie Shop
  • Lucious consumed approximately 4.3 kg of meat pie in a single sitting, claiming the title of “Pie Gobbling Champion”
  • Mrs. Maddie told the party of her missing Bearhare, and that she believes someone stole the creature
  • They learned that the Bearhare is a large rabbit of red and white fur, and that it growls like a bear
  • Their first lead was to Ms. Maddie’s ex-husband Sol Skittlebrow
  • The party attempted to infiltrate the house by:
  • – throwing Lucious through a window
  • – bribing the guards (with pie)
  • – distracting the guards (with flaming pie and a wolf)
  • – killing the guards (and a few bandits)
  • – entering through the hidden cellar doors (they finally succeeded doing this)
  • before a massive blood bath could begin, both guards and the party reconciled by forcing Skittlebrow’s servant to talk
  • the servant didn’t know the location of the Bearhare but he believed that an exotic animal trader, Garren Smith might have the creature
  • Kutnhr tried to burn down Sol’s house
  • Talking with some locals at the tavern, the party learned the location of Smith’s animal farm outside the city (close to the Black Heart)
  • Upon reaching the underground animal keep, the party quickly learns that something has gone wrong inside
  • However, they also learn that the Bearhare is also inside somewhere
  • They stumble upon a cowardly guard who tells them of an escaped young manticore
  • They hear screams for help deep into the cave, followed by a roar.
  • Moments later, they only hear silence…

Kill Count
  • 4 Guards
  • 3 Thieves


Dan, thanks for your simple and nice session summary!

My Wittle Bearhare

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