Dead Soil

Don't Try the Pie

  • The party began the adventure by confessing to Mrs. Maddie the truth about the whereabouts of her Bearhare
  • Kutnhr, not wanting to see Mrs. Maddie immediately after outright lying to her, decides to hide under an old soiled rug in the alley nearby until the whole thing blows over
  • Upon learning that Garren Smith was known to be the captor, Mrs. Maddie asked the party to bring her his head in return for a handsome reward of 40 gold
  • This made things more worthwhile, as the party needed to release the captured elf from Smith’s keep anyways
  • Knowing that Smith and his keep is heavily guarded, the party develops a plot to poison a number of the guards
  • Decameran was able to bargain at an apothecary, trading 5g and a Manticore fang for a vial of Marsh Viper poison
  • Using the poison on a delicious pecan pie from the pie bakery, the party then made their way to Smith’s keep around lunch time
  • The thought of a free, decadant, pecan pie was too much for the guards, and in a brutal display of hunger, the pie was devoured in a few moments
  • After telling the guards that the party had business to do with Smith they were admitted into the house
  • Inside the house were several suspicious men, supposedly guards but carried no weapons
  • Since the “guards” weren’t interested in talking, the party went upstairs to Smith’s room, where he was resting with his pet Fire Salamandar
  • Eog convinced Smith that he could help treat his wounds
  • After moving in close to Smith, a knife hidden behind his back, Eog plunged the dagger into his heart
  • Smith screamed in agony, angering his loyal Fire Salamander nearby
  • In a stroke of luck, the party managed to convince the Salamander than Smith was still alive
  • In another stroke of luck, the party was able to convince the guards that Smith’s original wounds had opened up and that he needed to be taken to a cleric immediately
  • Knowing that Smith was, in fact, dead, they waited until after his funeral before digging up his corpse and taking the head for Mrs. Maddie
  • Mrs. Maddie gave them the award after receiving the head, whilst mumbling about some new recipe she had in mind
  • At this point the party diverged momentarily as Decameran wandered off into the forest inexplainably
  • Lucious, on his quest to find out more about Masque’s Mask, and Eog, on his quest to do more evil things, joined together to explore the dangerous streets of Ramble at night
  • They encountered several brigands who had information relating to the Mask
  • Aiding them in completing a robbery, Lucious and Eog would be allowed to speak with a high ranking Thieves Guild member
  • After robbing a short little man in his tailor shop, Lucious and Eog were granted a visit
  • After being blindfolded, and having weapons removed, they were introduced to a man with a high pitched voice
  • He told them that Masque had set up a lair somewhere in the sewers of Ramble a long time ago, but that it had never been discovered by anyone else
  • Giving Lucious a map of the sewer, the two left the mysterious man and wandered back into the safer part of town

Kill Count
  • 1 Garren Smith



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